The Department of Computer Engineering was established in the year 1991 with an annual intake of 60 Students. The members of staff with an identity of interest to make the students develop the highest capacity for adaptation to any kind of environment.

Students are trained to face the need of IT industry. Apart from the regular curriculum, we also conduct various short term courses under CIICP and CPS for our own students and outsiders to make them get self-employed. Working professionals are also given computer education. The centre also concentrates on software development.

Our Centre has a network of 70 nodes with latest configuration and a variety of peripherals.   The hardware and software are on level with the latest trends.

The department has got an Internet facility which connects all the nodes. The department has also established an Intranet inside the campus which connects all the departments and other computers throughout the campus. It also offers a Broad Band Internet connection.

The departments has formed a Computer Association through which conduct of technical competitions, seminars and info-collection on current affairs, etc are carried out which enable the overall development of the student’s community to face the challenges of IT industry.