It has been the constant endeavor for the Basic Engineering Department to offer quality-oriented education for the freshers. The department has well-qualified Lecturers with indefatigable spirit who make substantial progress year after year in their endeavor.

The Basic Engineering department puts its best foot forward to make the fresher acquire a good knowledge and matchless skill to steer them to excellence. The committed members of staff strive to make them students of a different stamp. To foster their professional competence and excellence the members of staff are deputed to attend refresher courses through staff Development programmes. The Department has competent Lecturers in English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. They go to great pains to create among the students a growing interest and a greatest intellectual and technological stimulus/thirst.

The Department is making a concerted attempt to instill in them the highest capacity for adaptation to any kind of environment. To develop their communicative skills, there is a separate CIICP library which has video, audio assettes for their use and reference. To enhance practical skills of the students, the laboratories are equipped with modernized, sophisticated instruments such as digital balance, traveling microscope, spectrometer, potentiometer, Joule’s calorimeter, sonometer, torsion pendulum, a-de-ioniser plant